Favorite 2023 Reads

When the Past Finds You by Adrian J. Smith

Angsty age-gap office romance that will shatter your heart then put it back together again. The audiobook version, narrated by Lori Prince and Quinn Riley is amazing!

Stars Collide by Rachel Lacey

This toaster oven romance between two pop stars sizzles and shines in equal measure. It has a great audiobook, narrated by Quinn Riley. 

Say I Boo by Morgan Spellman

A charming and cunning cozy paranormal mystery with eccentric characters (living and dead).

Last New Beginning by Krystina Rivers

Antagonism ignites into passionate attraction in this sharp, sexy romance between two career-driven women. 

Surprised by Her by Chelsea M. Cameron

Adorable romance between a glamazon and a sweet and sunny store clerk with social anxiety. 

The Christmas Memory by Barbara Winkes

This low-spice but cute and heartwarming holiday romance has major romcom vibes!

Round Trip by DA Hartman

A complex and unique story that deals with mental illness, friendship, love, and the uncanny power of the creative imagination. 

Devil's Advocate by TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

This enemies-to-lovers romance set in the cutthroat world of corporate law came out in 2022, but I listened to the audiobook which came out this year and was beautifully narrated by the great Angela Dawe. 

The Stars Over Hollywood by Carol Wyatt

A brief but lovely story with a coming out story, a thrilling romance, and sweeping immersive settings like the Spanish coast and a starry California night. 

Swipe Right for Love by Cyan LeBlanc

A hilarious over-fifty romance with a hapless heroine who has the world's worst dating luck.