Book Reviews

Coffee, Cars and Necromancy by Neen Cohen

Lily is a necromancer who’s ended up on Death’s bad side…and that’s not even the worst news. A string of otherworldly murders has threatened the balance of life and death, forced her to work with the surly but sexy detective who hates her, and even closed down her beloved coffee shop. With friends and enemies on both sides of the Great Beyond, can she learn who to trust in time to avert disaster and survive caffeine withdrawal?

Coffee, Cars, and Necromancy is a compelling and entertaining, character-driven story that grows more engrossing with each chapter. With her unique blend of sarcasm, snark, and fierce loyalty, Lily is an intriguing heroine who undertakes an internal journey that is just as dramatic and perplexing as the external challenges she faces. Despite her otherworldly occupation, her struggles with guilt, grief, and crippling questions over the things she once put her faith in make her authentic and relatable. The rest of the characters--from the snarky but secretly endearing Detective Alanor to Lily’s colorful found family of witches to Death themself--are also various shades of deep and delightful.

These characters bring to life a plot that is full of paranormal intrigue, suspense, and angst and is told with equal parts humor and poetry.

In short, Coffee, Cars, and Necromancy is a riveting and remarkable read! 

The Orange and Pink Sunset: A Sapphic Poetry Chapbook by Ivy L. James

These poems convey a whole spectrum of deep emotions—joy, love, pride, anger, and defiance—with authenticity and boldness. The autobiographical aspects of some of the entries will no doubt resonate with some readers and perhaps even inspire them to reflect on their own journeys of self-discovery. For those readers, the poet’s unabashed honesty in this work is a powerful gift. 

Surface Pressure (Love, Tails, and Battle Wails Book 2) by Adrian J. Smith and Neen Cohen

When Soulara’s beautiful underworld kingdom is jeopardized by an invasion of destructive humans, she must assume the roles of general and princess she’s always avoided, but war isn’t so simple when she’s quickly losing her heart to one of the enemy. Autumn’s drab life as a soldier gathering resources from foreign planets changes in an instant when she meets the captivating sea princess, but questioning orders to protect the woman she’s growing to love could cost her everything.

Surface Pressure is the second captivating book in the Love, Tails, and Battle Wails series, although it can easily be enjoyed as a standalone adventure. As women who are, in some ways, both distant from yet fiercely loyal to their worlds, Soulara and Autumn are intriguing main characters. The physical and romantic tension between them is electric even as it deepens into a fierce emotional connection. A gorgeous yet fragile sea kingdom beneath an exotic land commandeered by a destructive army serves as a compelling backdrop to the internal and external angst of Soulara and Autumn’s story, as do the complicated politics of both the human and mer world. Underscoring the drama are profound themes of community, justice, conscience, and most importantly: love.

If you enjoy exciting, otherworldly tales of unlikely love, you’ll be mesmerized by Surface Pressure. 

The No Romance Rule by Jae

Michelle’s lonely and underwhelming Valentine’s Day gets a lot more interesting when she meets a beautiful, tipsy stranger at an anti-Valentine’s Day party.

The No-Romance Rule is a cute and funny short story with a charming meet-cute between an endearing Butch photographer and a sassy femme actress. This dynamic makes the story enjoyable all by itself, but fans of the full novel, Departure from the Script, will love revisiting the characters and seeing the events of the fateful anti-Valentine’s Day party from Michelle’s humorous and sweet point of view. 

For the 1000th Time by Jen-Lea Mercy

Abi has loved her best friend’s older sister Tess for ages, but she never had a chance with her. Now her friend’s upcoming wedding has thrown Abi and Tess together. Will the excitement and romance of the festivities bring them closer or tear them apart forever?

For the 1000th Time is a sapphic romance full of longing and passion with two flawed but adorable main characters. Abi loves Tess with abandon and persistence, sometimes to her own detriment. Tess is warm and generous with everyone but herself. The author does an excellent job showing how the two women complement each others’ weaknesses and strengths, and how their physical chemistry builds from that. Their connection is sometimes enhanced and sometimes hindered by their surrounding colorful community of friends and family, who all feel realistic and comfortable.

The depth of emotions, humor, and passion make For the 1000th Time an entertaining and engaging read. 

The Art of Growing by Jacqueline Ramsden

Sloane adores Polly from afar until a surprising and humorous turn of events finds them pretending to be partners at an event with Sloane’s family. The more Sloane opens up to Polly and the more Polly shows up for Sloane amidst painful family drama, the closer they grow. But will pretending to be in love ruin their chances at something real?

The Art of Growing is a beautiful and adorable slow burn romance between two lovable, if occasionally hapless, characters. The trust and emotional intimacy that builds between them is fun and touching, and their entire dynamic is as comforting as the warm cup of tea on a rainy day that the two leads so enjoy. The author contrasts this connection expertly with Sloane’s unsupportive family environment, creating a compelling tension that drives the plot forward.

With engaging characters, a charming and uplifting romance, and the added bonus of demisexual and nonbinary representation, The Art of Growing is a wonderful sapphic story that will remain with readers long after the last page. 

Cover Story by Rachel Lacey

When successful movie star Natalie Keane hires Taylor Vaughn to be her bodyguard and fake girlfriend, it doesn't take long for their pretend attraction to spark very real feelings, but with both women deeply scarred by the past, is a Hollywood-style happy ending possible?

Strictly speaking, Cover Story is a celebrity romance. Natalie Keane is a successful film actress whose career is at a high point thanks to a recent Golden Globe nomination. She has an entourage and even lives in a large house that boasts its own observatory with a telescope. But that being said, this is not the glitzy, glamourous, escapist story some readers might associate with the celebrity romance trope. While she may be a powerful star to the outside world, internally, Natalie is quiet, introspective, and perpetually haunted by a traumatic incident from her past. Her carefully insulated world is an extension of the emotional barriers she's built around her heart.

Enter Taylor Vaughn, the sexy, competent bodyguard Natalie hires to pose as her girlfriend while providing extra security. On the surface, she's the perfect heroine to rescue the reclusive Natalie, all while their attraction sizzles to the point of combusting. But Taylor has vulnerabilities and self-doubts too, and the closer she gets to Natalie, the more she risks pushing past her own physical and emotional limitations.

Cover Story has plenty of Hollywood excitement, including red carpet interviews and movie stunts. And there is no shortage of romance or heat between Natalie and Taylor, but what really gives the story impact is the poignant and authentic journeys of heart and mind that the characters take separately and together. The journeys are not straightforward, but ultimately, they highlight the power of healing, taking risks, and finding a person to feel safe with.

If you enjoy sapphic stories with romance, steam, but also a healthy dose of angst and authenticity, you'll be captivated by Cover Story. 

Good Enough to Eat by Jae and Alison Grey

Robin is a secret vampire trying to reform from drinking human blood. Alana is a recovering alcoholic with a few otherworldly secrets of her own. Getting romantically involved is the last thing they should do, but the pull between them is so powerful. Is it bloodlust, physical attraction, or something much more?

Good Enough to Eat is a fun and touching sapphic paranormal romance with wonderful main characters. Robin, in particular, with her stubborn conscience, writing talent, and surprisingly open heart, is an engaging protagonist that you can’t help but root for. The slow burn romance that builds between her and Alana, while sometimes amusing and seemingly ill-advised at first, blossoms into something truly lovely.

If you enjoy playful, gentle romances with a hint of the magical, you’ll devour Good Enough to Eat in one sitting!

Cursed in Love by Bryony Rosehurst

Luce and Ophelia’s worlds collide dramatically and messily while Ophelia is on the run from two men desperate to steal an antique sapphire ring that’s caused her endless trouble ever since she found it. As the chase grows more dangerous, the two women must rely on each other for safety and support, but is their growing closeness a matter of survival or something much more powerful?

Cursed in Love is a sweet and entertaining sapphic romance with a perfect blend of adventure and heartwarming moments. Ophelia and Luce are two dynamic and relatable characters who, despite their many differences, have undeniable chemistry. As Ophelia opens up about her grief and Luce about her generalized anxiety disorder, their bond grows deep in a short time, yet it doesn’t feel rushed.

For fans of a good old-fashioned adventure with romance and humor, Cursed in Love is a can’t miss read! 

Cherished by Her (Mainely Books Club Book 10) by Chelsea M. Cameron

Zelda and Lorelei share one magical, fiery night together after meeting in a bar, never expecting to meet again. But when chance reunites them, their reconnection is complicated with real world problems. Can they overcome the obstacles and follow their hearts?

Cherished by Her is an adorable and entertaining sapphic romance from start to finish. Even though Zelda and Lorelei first meet with the intent of one no-strings-attached night of passion, their chemistry and emotional connection is already present from the start. When they meet a second time, it’s impossible not to cheer for them. All the characters in this story are likable, especially the side characters in the queer small town community that centers around the Mainely Books store. Readers who’ve enjoyed the whole series will love catching up with their favorite couples from previous books.

Cherished by Her, like the read of the Mainely Books Club Series is heartwarming, sexy, and wonderfully re-readable. 

The Dating Show by Violet Morley 

After a steamy one-night stand, Avery and Stella never expect to see each other again, but then a reality show brings them back together. With TV drama, lights, and constant camera surveillance, it’s hard to know if their connection will grow or implode.

The Dating Show is an adorable, funny, and touching sapphic romance that manages to feel authentic and warm despite being set in the outlandish world of a reality television competition. Avery and Stella are charming characters who each have a blend of self-doubt and moxie, and the secondary characters are entertaining and engaging. The author does an excellent job of gradually building the romantic and emotional tension throughout the story, pulling the reader deep into Avery and Stella’s dilemma. As a bonus, unlike with some romances that center around a reality show, there is also space given for character and relationship development outside the artificial parameters of the show itself. This makes the story feel more realistic and genuine.

If you love witty and warm sapphic romances with characters that threaten to steal your heart in each chapter, you’ll definitely want to make a date with The Dating Show. 

Euphoria by Claire Highton-Stevenson

When world-renowned musician Alex Montgomery hires Dr. Morgan Kelly to accompany her on a concert tour, the younger, alluring physician proves an invaluable help for her stress and panic attacks, but she also ignites a long-dormant passion that will either unravel Alex's dreams or fulfill them.

Euphoria is a steamy, emotional, and engaging sapphic romance with two compelling main characters. Alex's ongoing struggle with trauma in conjunction with her musical ambition creates powerful tension, and when Morgan is drawn into her world, the spark that ignites between them is explosive. Their journey to lasting love is a delightful mix of tender and sexy, and the drama and glamor of the concert world creates an entertaining backdrop. 

Murder on Castaway Island by Alicia Gael 

When eight seemingly unconnected strangers are summoned to a secluded island, each has a unique reason for coming. Little do they know that the real reason is murder.

Murder on Castaway Island is a clever and suspenseful reimagining of an Agatha Christie classic set in contemporary times and with Sapphic characters. The mystery sparkles in this setting thanks to compelling characters and heart-pounding suspense.

Whether or not you’re a Christie fan, this exciting whodunnit will keep you turning the pages long into the night then force you to sleep with a light on when you finally get to sleep! 

Wanting Her Boss by Carol Wyatt

When Payton’s boss Madison asks her to be her pretend girlfriend, it could be the worst or best thing that could happen, given Payton’s massive crush on the hot older woman. The closer they get, the harder it is to deny their sizzling chemistry. Can a fake romance and a causal fling lead to something real and permanent?

Wanting Her Boss is a spicy sapphic age gap romance that delves into all the torrid fantasies of a forbidden crush. Payton, with her unabashed attraction to her boss, is an open and endearing character. Madison, on the other hand, is more complex. On the surface, she’s a ruthless opportunist who exploits Payton’s feelings for her own benefit, but the story slowly peels back the hidden feelings and motivations behind her manipulations. Watching the chemistry spark then combust between the two women is enthralling, and the suspense of wondering if and when they’ll ever get their happy ending keeps the pages turning.

If you enjoy passionate age gap, boss/employee romances, you’ll find Wanting Her Boss irresistible. 

Heart of Stone by Eliza Luce 

Medusa’s curse has left her lonely and grieving until a beautiful blind woman with a heart of gold wonders into her home. The two have a chance at love if Medusa’s insecurity and reckless warriors don’t get in the way.

Heart of Stone is a sweet, spicy, and compelling take on the famous Medusa myth. The two main characters are compellingly written and the romance unfolds beautifully, which is impressive for such a short story. 

The Wedding That Almost Wasn't by Sienna Waters

Harry and Emily meet on their way to a Scottish destination wedding. Fate, along with a fake dating scheme and a hilariously amateur investigation into possible bridal sabotage push them together, but is a wedding really the place to find true love?

The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t is an adorable, funny, and uplifting story filled with a charming romance, a hint of mystery, and entertaining characters. The two main characters, in particular, are endearing as they navigate the complexities of friendship and matters of the heart. The connection that develops between them is sweet and refreshingly authentic, and it is absolutely delightful to watch unfold.

Cozy and heartwarming, The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t is a perfect read to cuddle up with on a quiet evening or a lazy weekend. 

Daydreams of You by Carol Wyatt 

Heather and Vanessa share a fiery night together before parting ways. When they suddenly meet again in awkward circumstances, the spark between them still burns, but will geography problems, family drama, and their age difference quench it?

Daydreams of You is simultaneously passionate and heartwarming as the immediate chemistry between Heather and Vanessa quickly grows into something deeper. A fake relationship between Heather and her best friend, Megan, creates just enough tension to keep the pages turning without overwhelming the story with angst. Delightful if meddlesome side characters and a dual setting that contrasts bustling Manhattan with placid and rural Pennsylvania ease the romance to a sigh-inducing conclusion.

For fans of spicy and sweet sapphic age gap romances, Daydreams of You is absolutely a dream come true. 

Impulse Buy by Jae

Ellie’s post-Valentine’s Day surprise gift to Regina leads to even bigger surprises for both of them in this heartwarming follow-up to Bachelorette Number Twelve.

Ellie and Regina’s delightful opposites-attract chemistry sparkles all throughout this story, showcasing not only their playful banter, but also their growing trust and comfort with each other. It is particularly heartening to see Regina’s increased comfort with friendship and community, although she still retains enough of the frosty edges of her personality to remain authentic and believable.

Impulse Buy is a sweet and fun read from start to finish. 

Love Me at My Worst by Adrian J. Smith 

Isla's bright, energetic, and mischievous persona in the schoolroom masks the pain she carries from recent upheavals and longterm grief. Andry, her principal, is learning to navigate her life post-divorce and as the mother of a soon-to-be college student. Their growing friendship outside the school relieves the loneliness both women feel, but it also opens the door to attraction, tenderness, and the threat of heartache.

Love Me At My Worst is a warm and moving story about emotional healing, the complexities of various relationships, and the power of choosing vulnerability with the right person. Isla and Andry are wonderfully authentic characters with real and relatable challenges that endear them to the reader. As their romance slowly grows, it isn't difficult to see how well they fit. But unlike with some romances, the connection between Isla and Andry is not portrayed as a blanket solution to all of their problems, but rather as a catalyst for the growth and healing they each must do as individuals. Andry still must come to terms with her broken marriage, and Isla still has to make peace with the past and her family (her stepmother Linda and best friend Wil). The way they learn to take these difficult journeys with help from each other rather than doing it alone is truly beautiful.

Any reader who enjoys sapphic romances with depth, passion, and a splash of humor will adore Love Me At My Worst. 

Enthralled by Her by Chelsea M. Cameron

When Leighton meets and spends time with kind and sexy lumberjane Shea, she has a startling sapphic awakening. Convinced that Shea will never see her as the girlfriend type, Leighton instead enlists her help as a dating tutor, but what happens when her heart wants the real thing instead of lessons?

Enthralled by Her is a funny and hopelessly endearing story about coming out and coming into yourself with the help of the right person. Leighton’s journey to sapphic self-discovery is so authentic, sweet, and doubtless relatable to anyone who has taken a few extra years to figure themselves out. The connection that sparks between her and Shea is equal parts adorable and hot, and waiting for them to figure it out is entertaining if mildly frustrating. As with all the Mainely Books Club stories, the Arrowbridge community sparkles in the background, fostering a safe and happy space for the main characters to thrive.

This is the ninth book in the series, and, quite possibly, the cutest. It can be read as a standalone, but it will definitely want to make you meet all the characters from the previous books too. 

Roses are Red, Violet is Dead by Morgan Spellman 

Starting a business is never easy, especially when you’re a paranormal investigator who has limited experience, a reluctant business partner, and a personal life complicated by a new girlfriend and old heartaches. But none of that stops Abby Spector from taking on a job investigating the ghostly former resident that seems to be sabotaging the Valentine’s Day festivities at a bed and breakfast.

Roses are Red, Violet is Dead is an entertaining, funny, and engaging follow up to Say I Boo, the first book in the Abby Spector Ghost Mystery series. The bed and breakfast setting with its over-the-top Valentine’s Day theme and unusual cast of characters (living and dead) is fun and immersive, and the ghostly mystery that Abby, Lucas, and Mina scramble to solve is cunning and full of surprises. As a main character, Abby continues to shine, delight, and occasionally frustrate as she investigates suspects on both sides of the Great Beyond while attempting to juggle her case, her friendship with Lucas, and her budding romance with Mina—all while narrowly avoiding becoming a victim. The complexities of work/life balance for a still inexperienced ghost hunter make for a riveting and charming tale that’s difficult to put down or forget.

If you enjoy an eerie mystery with quirky characters and more than a few laughs, you’ll love Roses are Red, Violet is Dead. 

Say Cheese by TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

When small town Vermont cheesemaker Angie rescues city businesswoman Elle from a dangerous flood, the attraction between them combusts immediately. But after realizing Elle is in town to persuade Angie’s family to sell the business that is her legacy, their romance fizzles under the weight of a serious conflict of interest. Having feelings for each other is the last thing they need, but their hearts have other ideas.

Say Cheese is an adorable and spicy age gap, city girl/country girl romance that amuses, delights, and entertains in every single chapter. Elle and Angie’s immediate chemistry leaps off the page and, despite a host of misunderstandings and prejudices, the attraction grows into an authentic emotional connection that is heartwarming. The small town setting is absolutely glorious with its charming shops, restaurants, and natural beauty; and the side characters, including Angie’s hilariously chaotic family and precious St. Bernard complete this novel’s fun and immersive quality.

No one will need to yell, “Say Cheese!” for this story to leave readers grinning long after turning the last page. 

An Unlikely Partnership by Katie Trapp

Witchy shop owner Rue and shapeshifter detective Nikko’s lives collide when Rue’s mentor leaves her with a massive responsibility at the same time as a spree of violent crime hits her beloved town’s magical community. Despite their differences and Rue’s initial reluctance to work with the police, she and Nikko have great sleuthing chemistry…and maybe even more.

An Unlikely Partnership is an entertaining and cunning mystery with colorful supernatural characters that draw the reader in right away. Rue and Nikko are particularly engaging as they challenge each other, work together, and eventually uncover one another’s hidden depths of compassion and determination.

If you enjoy great whodunnits with a magical flare, you’ll be enchanted by An Unlikely Partnership. 

Bachelorette Number Twelve by Jae

A hilarious mishap at a charity bachelor/bachelorette auction lands warm, sunny emergency nurse Ellie with three dates with the cold, arrogant doctor Regina. As they spend more time together, they disagree on nearly everything, except one thing: developing feelings for each other is a terrible idea…or is it?

Bachelorette Number Twelve is a funny, charming, and heartwarming slow burn romance between two seemingly opposite characters. But the author does a superb job of gradually revealing the hidden commonalities, attraction, and emotions that tie them together. The obligatory dates—such as ice skating and baking—during which these surprising ties emerge serve as an entertaining and often humorous backdrop for the budding romance. By the time the story ends, readers will find the two main characters every bit as irresistible as the characters find each other.

If you enjoy a lighthearted but emotionally satisfying sapphic slow burn, you’ll love Bachelorette Number Twelve. 

Deep Sounding Chaos (Love, Tails, and Battle Wails Book 1) by Adrian J. Smith and Neen Cohen

Zendalia goes rogue to chase down and exact revenge on Kaelin, the mermaid she’s convinced murdered her father. Kaelin lives a life of forced exile and oppressive guilt. Their first clash is tumultuous, but when a common enemy threatens their lives and all they hold dear, they’re forced to work together with results neither of them could have expected.

Deep Sounding Chaos submerges the reader in breathtaking battles, heart-wrenching internal conflict, and an epic romance from start to finish. This is mostly due to an engaging blend of colorful world building and intense character development. Zendalia and Kaelin are each impressive heroines who navigate their watery domain with strength and bravery while still remaining poignantly vulnerable in the face of a complex array of emotions, ranging from grief to anger to despair to love. The external and internal forces they confront keeps the pages turning as the reader accompanies them on the adventure.

If you enjoy flawed but sexy and powerful heroines facing daring battles of body and heart in a gorgeous fantasy world, you’ll be thrilled to dive into Deep Sounding Chaos. 

Country Dreams by Carol Wyatt

Sienna is a talented singer desperate for her big break into country music. Natalie’s once brilliant music career was cut short by a long-ago scandal. When the two women meet, sparks fly and they have a chance to make beautiful music together, if they’re willing to risk their hearts.

Country Dreams is a brief but gorgeous romance between two passionate characters. The connection that unfolds between Natalie and Sienna is electric and poetic at the same time, as the two musicians find in each other their match in mind, soul, and body. The obstacles of old heartaches and precarious dreams give this story just the right amount of drama, and it’s nearly impossible to stop reading before finding out how it will be resolved.

If you like age gap romances that focus on timeless connections, then Country Dreams will make your heart sing. 

Say I Boo by Morgan Spellman

Say I Boo is charming, sweet, cunning, and a little spooky. Abby Spector is the aptly named main character, a quirky and capricious young magician with a haunting past. The grief of lost love keeps her rooted to her younger years and unable to move forward, even when her best friend Lucas and other peers are tackling adult transitions all around her. But this grief also makes her uniquely equipped for the challenge of being confronted with the fact that ghosts are truly real when one suddenly attacks her at the old mansion where her best friend's sister is getting married. No sooner than she accepts her new reality, Abby enthusiastically if ill-advisedly undertakes her first paranormal whodunnit with the begrudging help of Lucas, a distractingly attractive stuntwoman named Mina, and several other eccentric characters--both living and dead.

While ghosts and the supernatural abound in this engaging mystery, Say I Boo shines a flashlight beam on the complex, sad, and beautiful aspects of lived experience also: from heartache, to growing up, to family conflict, to friendship, and to new beginnings. Accompanying Abby and company as they traverse these highs and lows is both moving and fantastically entertaining.  

Beguiled by Her (Mainely Books Club, Book 7) by Chelsea M. Cameron

When Kai meets Sterling in a brief but intense encounter at a bar one weekend, the last thing she expects is to see Sterling again. Then Sterling becomes Kai's temporary neighbor, and sparks fly. Their sizzling chemistry brings them together, their common sense tells them to keep things casual, but their hearts have other ideas.

Beguiled by Her is an adorable sapphic romance with two fun, quirky main characters and lots of humorous and steamy moments. Like many of the protagonists in the Mainely Books Club series, Kai and Sterling are simply trying to figure life out and, as usual, the rest of the colorful, queer Arrowbridge community steps up to help, which gives the story an added layer of warmth and authenticity. 

If you need to escape into an entertaining and spicy romance with characters that jump off the page and drag you into their antics, you'll love Beguiled by Her. 

The Stars Over Hollywood by Carol Wyatt

Hayden is discouraged over her fledgling acting career, and Tracy, former TV star turned surf instructor, is second guessing the life choices that have left her single and lonely when they bond at their friends’ sumptuous getaway wedding in Spain. The connection that forms between them stuns them both, but is it strong enough to withstand some Hollywood drama?

The Stars Over Hollywood is a brief but lovely story about love, dreams, life decisions and, perhaps most importantly: self-discovery. Hayden’s journey of realizing and acknowledging her true identity is portrayed with sensitivity and authenticity, and the romance that builds between her and Tracy is sweet and a little steamy. The romantic settings, from the Spanish seashore to a starry California night, really serve to enhance the narrative.

Fans of the entire Hollywood Series will enjoy glimpses into the lives of past characters and will be equally delighted by this latest addition. However, this can also be read as a standalone book. 

What are the Chances (Love in Vacationland #2) by Chelsea M. Cameron

What are the Chances is a short but delightful sapphic romance. Collette and Quinn are a wonderful grumpy/sunshine match, with Quinn slowly coaxing Collette out from behind her wall of heartache and fear, and Collette gradually revealing her soft side. The surrounding characters are fun and entertaining, creating the tight knit, queer found family that Chelsea M. Cameron always brings to life so well. 

Don't Quit Your Daydream by Adrian J. Smith

When they first meet in an elevator, icy, middle-aged businesswoman Laura has a briefcase full of judgements and preconceptions about the younger, upbeat entrepreneur Skylar. But when the two are forced to work together to boost Laura’s fledgling business, the antagonism slowly melts into respect and something even more unexpected.

Don’t Quit Your Daydream is a romance with a slow but perfectly paced burn. Laura is a complex character with a challenging past and Skylar, while ostensibly warmer and more open, is cautious with her heart. The mutual respect and trust builds between them in a gradual and authentic way as each woman grows as a person all while a potentially combustible attraction simmers beneath the surface. Watching these various dynamics play out is as satisfying as it is entertaining.

Don’t Quit Your Daydream is a romantic, hopeful, and engaging story that is certain to enthrall fans of sapphic age gap romance. 

Round Trip by D.A. Hartman

Virginia’s writing creates a mystical tie between herself and Tori, the lonely woman whose most recent residence is a mental health facility. Unraveling that tie will uncover secrets upon secrets for both women, jeopardizing their friendships, hearts, and very lives in the process.

Round Trip is a complex yet engrossing story that pulls the reader in, first with the internal drama of Virginia’s unusual creative powers and Tori’s mental health struggles, and then with external intrigue and mystery. Compelling main characters and side characters give vibrant and heart-stirring color to this conflict, making the reader truly care about them. Each new plot twist inspires a roller coaster of emotions, making it impossible to put down the story until the final dramatic chapter.

Round Trip is a one-of-a-kind sapphic romantic suspense novel that captures the imagination and heart from start to finish.

Charmed by Her (Mainely Books Club #6) by Chelsea M. Cameron

Karissa wants nothing more than to leave her small town life and annoying job in her rear view mirror, but a surprise encounter with the beautiful Ingrid and her precious toddler have her seriously considering making a u-turn.

Charmed by Her is truly as charming as its title implies. Karissa is a funny, likable main character and Ingrid is a compelling yet down to earth love interest. The secondary characters are equally entertaining, especially little Athena as well as Karissa’s dad, who furnishes several endearing and heartwarming scenes. While not a slow burn, the romance build slowly enough to let the reader feel and enjoy all the emotional nuances of Karisssa’s growing connection with Ingrid and Athena. As a bonus, as with the rest of the books in this series, this story also drops tantalizing hints of other great sapphic books for devoted fans of the genre.

If you love warm-hearted sapphic romances with adorable characters and situations, you’ll be charmed by Charmed by Her. 

Devil's Advocate by T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod (Audiobook)

Ashley and Caitlyn are the last people who should fall in love, but the attraction that sizzles between them every time they’re in the same room is irresistible.

A lot of romances have this trope, but Devil’s Advocate makes it fresh and entertaining with two complex characters with opposite backgrounds who still connect on many different levels, both physical and romantic. The setting of a cutthroat law firm with a high-profile case adds to the tension, and the two characters’ family lives deepen the emotional impact of the story. 

Angela Dawe’s nuanced and engaging narration makes Devil’s Advocate shine even brighter. 

Reader, I Murdered Him by Betsy Cornwell

Adèle Varens emerges from the shadows of obscurity in this captivating novel that reimagines Brontë’s classic Jane Eyre from the perspective of Rochester’s natural daughter.

From her colorful, worldly childhood as the daughter of a Parisian dancer to her upbringing in the home of the enigmatic Rochester to her school days and finally her burgeoning career as an underworld vigilante against abusive men, Adèle’s life unfolds as a rich and dramatic narrative. She is a vibrant, poetic, and heroic character as she grows into the formidable woman she’s meant to be, standing in stark yet sympathetic contrast to the chaotic injustice around her. Unlike some historical novels, her queerness is not an obstacle but a strength that informs her perception of the world and eventually helps her discover her place in it.

Vivid physical and emotional descriptions surrounding a compelling character journey make Reader, I Murdered Him an unforgettable story.