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Release Date: November 28, 2023

A simple night of forgetting. A connection that’s simply unforgettable.

Camryn Durant plays it safe. Since losing her heart to the wrong woman ten years ago, the shy graphic designer focuses on work and never takes risks. But when a chance meeting in a bar with a beautiful stranger turns into a night of reckless passion, Cam struggles to go back to her cautious habits, even though falling for a straight woman is bound to lead to emotional disaster.

Jackie Webster has no business questioning her sexuality. So why can’t the poised and predictable politician’s daughter stop thinking about the warm, adorable butch woman she hooked up with in an ill-advised moment of heartache? Getting closer to Cam means discovering herself in ways she never thought possible, but it can also mean losing her reputation, her relationship with her family, and the future she’s always wanted.

Each moment they spend together pushes them closer to an agonizing choice. Will they cling to security or reach for love?

Forgetting with You is a charming one-night-to-forever, toaster oven sapphic romance you’ll be sure to remember long after the story ends. 

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